Offers surveying services using state of the art instruments.
Leica C10
  • Leveling services using gyroscopic Laser Levels.
  • Vertical Plumb Lasers for the set out of positions on the ceilings.
  • Topographic surveys using RTK GPS and Robotic one man Total Stations.
  • Architectural and Archeological surveys using Total Stations & Colour Laser Scanners.
  • Ortho Photography.
  • Truviews and point cloud data.
  • Engineering surveys of steel structures, and piping layouts.
  • Set out of foundations & buildings using robotic total Stations.
  • Volumetric computations of excavations & Landfills.
  • GPS static data logging.
  • Contouring of land mass.
  • Division of property.
  • Property limits on the national grid co-ordinate system.
  • Set out of levels to mean sea level.